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Domestic Violence - Family Law Legal Help, Solicitor Advice and Support in Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes
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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

If you require protection from your partner or former partner who has been violent or threatening towards you or the children, we can help you to obtain that protection through the Court.

Where your partner has been making life difficult for you, we could write to your partner on your behalf to inform them that their behaviour should cease.

Where you have been accused of being violent to or threatening your ex partner and Court proceedings have been issued against you or you have received a letter from their solicitors, we can assist you and put your side of the events forward to the Court and to your ex partnerís solicitors.

If criminal proceedings have been brought against you as a result of the allegations made against you, we can refer you to a solicitor who would be able to advise and assist you during the police and Court process.

If you are afraid of your partner as a result of intimidation or domestic violence, we can advise you about protecting yourself and liaise with suitable agencies to oversee your safety and peace of mind. You will find that our understanding and caring attitude will help you feel at ease when discussing this sensitive issue with us.