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Childrens Welfare - Family Law Legal Help, Solicitor Advice and Support in Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes
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Arrangements for the children

Arrangements for the children

We understand that your children are your first consideration. Your divorce or separation will be a difficult time for them.

Or it may be that you have been separated for some time already and the children have now become settled. However, issues may still arise with regard to the children that require your attention.

We can help you with regard to:

  • Who the children should live with
  • The arrangements for seeing the children
  • Resolving any particular dispute with regard to the children - for example with regard to education, health or religion
  • Securing parental responsibility for an unmarried father
  • An application to take your children out of the country for a holiday or to live

We also advise and assist grandparents and other family members who are not seeing the children and talk to you about other members of the family’s rights and help to see the children.

If you have a Court Order in respect of your children and your circumstances have changed or your ex-partner’s circumstances have changed, the court order can be reviewed and revised.  We can advise you about this.

We provide a sympathetic and understanding approach to these matters in order that they can be resolved as painlessly as possible for you and your children.

Where issues concerning your children cannot be resolved by agreement, we can assist you to engage the services of a mediatior in order to assist in resolving matters with your children. If it is not possible to resolve matters, we can assist you to make an application to the Court or to respond to an application issued by the other party. We will be able to advise you at each step of the proceedings and represent you at Court.

On any application involving children’s issues, the Court must decide what is in the children’s best interests. When making this decision, the Court must have regard to the children’s welfare as the paramount consideration. The Court must also take into account a number of factors, which we can advise you about.